Pierce calls out Kos. Gets him.

Mike Pierce found the fastest way to a high-profile fight in the UFC: Call someone out. Make noise. It doesn’t have to be too obnoxious. You don’t have to be a douche. But if you’ve got some wins and the opportunity presents itself, make some waves.

Coming off of a split-decision win at UFC on Fox 1 in November, Pierce emerged as one of the more impressive fighters on the undercard. It wasn’t as close as the split decision makes it seem. Much of the fight was one-sided for Pierce. So he’s got some juice and when Josh Koscheck lost out on the most recent espisode of the UFC’s game of GSP-go-round, Pierce saw an opening. And like the wrestler he is, took the shot.

Pierce went on Internet radio and Twitter. Said he’d “love to kick Koscheck’s ass.” He talked about a chance he had to fight Koscheck earlier in his UFC career that he says Kos avoided by having his AKA teammate Jon Fitch fight Pierce. He said he wanted to be Kos’s “personal Dan Henderson” and fill in on the February card for Carlos Condit, who is now fighting Nick Diaz for what the UFC’s Dana White is calling the “interrim title.”

Pierce’s been around, earning a nice record of 13-4 and winning four of his last five. He’s fought some tough competition too, facing Mark Muñoz, Jon Fitch and Brock Larson among others. Like Kos, he has a strong wrestling background and should give him some trouble. His 13 wins are divided into 6 TKOs, 6 Decisions and 1 Submission.

Koscheck, coming off of his knockout of Matt Hughes is a good test for Pierce. After Koscheck’s devastating loss to Georges St. Pierre after the two coached The Ultimate Fighter, he needs to face a rising fighter to really re-establish himself in the division. Pierce fits that role perfectly.

So Pierce goes from facebook prelim to main event broadcast, thanks to his talent (of course) but also to his public push for the spot against Koscheck. And a solid win could leap-frog him into a much better spot in line for title contention.

I’ll give the last word to Mike Pierce’s Twitter:

MikePierce170 (Mike Pierce)
It’s on! KOS tried wiggling outta this one too, but Feb 4th he’s mine. #ufc #ufc143