shanedelrosarioNot much to be said here.We don’t know Shane Del Rosario personally, we do however know some of his friends, so this is hitting us a bit more than normal. We here at MMA Rants TV wish Shane and his family/friends all the best and hope for a full recovery. Keep Fighting Shane!



From youtube: Shane continues to cling to life at Hoag hospital in Newport Beach, CA. After arriving at the emergency room in full cardiac arrest on Tuesday morning November 26th. He was resuscitated to stable rhythm and blood pressure, but has not regained consciousness.

Doctors believe he may suffer from a rare condition called Long QT Syndrome which is a genetic anomaly that can cause a sudden and life threatening heart rhythm abnormality, and may result in sudden death. Tragically, it strikes healthy young people and often is the first and only presentation of a heart problem.

Shane needs your prayers.