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Badbeat MMA Announces Fighter Performance Awards for ‘Badbeat 9’

BAMMA USA’s professional fightseries, Badbeat MMA, has partnered with the ‘Be First’
clothing company to award two fighter performance-based bonuses for ‘Badbeat 9 presented by
Budweiser’ on Friday, May 31, 2013 at the world famous Commerce Casino (Commerce, CA).
‘Be First’ Knockout of the Night and ‘Be First’ Submission of the Night
‘Badbeat 9’ will have additional incentives for the fighters to perform at their very best, because
the ‘Be First’ clothing company has agreed to sponsor two fighter performance-based awards.
The fighter that has the best knockout (KO) of the night and the fighter that has the best
submission of the night will receive a bonus sponsored by the ‘Be First’ clothing company.

BAMMA USA CEO Brett Roberts commented on the deal by saying: “’Be First’ is a young, upand-coming company that is working hard to make a name for themselves in the MMA world.
Like some of the fighters that we feature inside our cage, we see the potential in their growth,
and therefore it only made sense to partner with them, so we can grow together.” Additionally,
‘Be First’ apparel will be available for purchase on-site for the event.

About Be First
The Be First Clothing Company began as the fulfillment of a promise made between two
siblings. When the brother, Eric, passed away in May 2012, the sister, Ace, finalized the plans
they shared to start a clothing company together, that targeted the combat sports community and
specifically, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). As a black belt, Eric was to find talented fighters to
wear the clothing that Ace would design. The knowledge that Eric passed on to Ace about
combat sports is the basis that she will use to make her company a success. The foundation for
Ace’s drive to succeed comes from her 4 children and her fiancée. The company’s unique moto
exemplifies not only its mission statement but also the determination that most successful
fighters display. “Be First to Stand Up, Be First to Strike and Be First to Finish.” For more
information, visit the company website at