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Badbeat 9 Full Fight Card

BAMMA USA’s professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter division, Badbeat MMA, offers the ninth
installment of its greatly successful MMA show series this Friday, May 31, 2013 at the world famous
Commerce Casino (Commerce, CA). ‘Badbeat 9 presented by Budweiser’ is scheduled to showcase 10
professional MMA bouts including two Championship Title fights and one ‘retirement’ fight. The Main
Event features two outstanding local fighters looking to solidify their position in the Badbeat MMA
Middleweight Division.

Main Event: Mikey Gomez vs. Ronald Lebreton Jr.
When Ronald Lebreton Jr.’s opponent, Keith Berry,removed himself just three weeks from their
scheduled Main Event bout for‘Badbeat 9’, Berry’s teammate, Mikey Gomez willingly stepped in. When
asked why he took the fight on short notice, Gomez answered, “him being my teammate, he (Berry) got
a fight somewhere else, you know, I have to have his back, he would ‘ve had my back and BAMMA USA
is a great event.” When asked about his opponent, Gomez added, “at the end of the day it’s a fist fight
and I’m ready for all areas. He better be ready because I took it on short notice because I stay ready, so I
don’t have to get ready. I’ll be in great shape by then.” Lebreton Jr. replied by saying, “I’m training at
‘Sparta MMA’ and these guys are tough, they never stop coming at you. And that’s one of the things
that I’ve learned is that you have to push the pace, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing every second.
I’ve been working so hard on everything that this is a new Ronald. I haven’t felt this great, ever. I can’t
wait to show it. I can’t wait to prove it.” The Main Event will definitely show who is ready to take the
next step towards a BAMMA USA Championship Title.

Co-Main Event: Featherweight Championship Title Fight, Chris Culley vs. Justin Linn
In his post-fight interview at ‘Badbeat 8’, Chris ‘The Urban Legend” Culley (16-10, 3-0 BBMMA) said “I
took it tonight. I beat the best fighter in our division, so that makes me the best 145 fighter in this
division. I want my belt. I earned it. I finished three of the best (145 pound) fighters in Southern
California.” Badbeat MMA officials agreed and awarded Culley the Badbeat MMA Featherweight
Championship Title. Chris Culley’s first title defense comes against undefeated Justin ‘The Mortal Sinn’
Linn (3-0) who had this to say about the champion, “I see Chris Culley being a mediocre striker. I don’t
see him being anything like Mark Hominick or Sam Stout. Guys that I have previously sparred with. So I
don’t see him being a big threat.” Culley replied by saying that he “has forgotten more about striking
than he (Linn) has learned. His (Linn’s) whole career, amateur and pro doesn’t add up to my smoker
fights as a kid. I plan on paying his bragging rights. I’m going to be his huckleberry.” Both fighters ride a
three fight win streak into this fight, but only one will keep their streak alive and more importantly, walk
away with the Badbeat MMA Featherweight Championship Belt.

Lightweight Championship Title Fight: Jorge Valdez vs. Ernest Chavez
The first ever Badbeat MMA Championship Title will be contested in the (155 pound) Lightweight
Division between Badbeat MMA veterans Jorge ‘The Envy’ Valdez (6-2, 2-1 BBMMA) and Ernest ‘EJ”
Chavez (6-0, 1-0 BBMMA) at ‘Badbeat 9 presented by Budweiser’. When asked about the fight, Chavez
said, “I feel like they (Badbeat MMA) went out of their way to get a certain level of fighter and being the
best at that division says a lot.” Valdez has high expectations for the fight by exclaiming, “My fans can
expect my hand up in the air with the belt around my waist.” At fight’s end, one of these two fighters
will be the inaugural Badbeat MMA Lightweight Champion.

Retirement Fight: Gabe Ruediger vs. Scott Catlin
On the last day of May 2013, both of these fighters will step into the Badbeat MMA cage for the last
time as professional MMA combatants. The long awaited rematch between former WEC Champion and
UFC veteran, Gabe ‘Godzilla’ Ruediger (17-8), and longtime journeyman, Scott ‘K.O.’ Catlin (8-7) is one of
the most anticipated in the promotion’s history. Last year, Catlin lived up to his nickname by beating
Ruediger by TKO at ‘Badbeat 5’. Some observers chalked up Catlin’s upset victory to nothing more than
‘puncher’s luck’. When asked about the rematch, Catlin replied, “I don’t have anything to prove, so why
fight him again? Basically he annoyed me into a rematch. Now he’s talking trash, he’s calling me names
on the Internet. This is the first time that the guy with skills is meeting the guy that kills. I don’t like the
guy! (Ruediger) You are messing with the wrong person.” Ruediger’s outlook for his final fight is one of
tranquil confidence, “as far as this being the end of my career, in a lot of ways there is a sense of calm.
There is not as much nerves or as much push. I know that I’ve put everything I have into this one
moment. But as long as I put it into this one moment, win or lose, make that win, I’ll be content with
myself. In this one moment, I can focus on thismoment and not have to worry about the afterwards, I
can just focus on the moment and in that there is a sense of calm.” About facing Catlin, Ruediger
remarked, “I hope Scott’s ready. Now it’s time to redeem myself and that’s all I plan to do.” Will Catlin
prove that the first time around his victory was skill and not luck or will Ruediger avenge that loss and
end his career on a high note? One thing is for assured, one of these two will retire victorious.
Lightweight Featured Bout: Eric Brown vs. Sevak Magakian
Badbeat MMA veteran Eric Brown (3-3, 3-1 BBMMA) was on a three-fight win streak when he suffered a
split decision loss to Badbeat MMA Lightweight Championship Title contender Jorge Valdez at ‘Badbeat
7’. Former cast member of ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Season 12’, Sevak Magakian (12-4, 0-0-1 BBMMA) was
on a five-fight win streak when he fought Nick Piedmont to a draw at ‘Badbeat 7’. Since then Brown has
been training for another opportunity to showcase his growing skills, while Magakian unsuccessfully
fought in another promotion. Now, both fighters approach this fight as the start of a new win streak and
the potential to elevate themselvesinto title contention as well.
‘Be First’ Knockout of the Night and ‘Be First’ Submission of the Night
All fighters are eligible for the knockout and submission of the night awards for ‘Badbeat 9’that are
provided courtesy of the Be First Clothing Company.