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(July 13th.12) Europe’s leading Mixed Martial Arts promotion, BAMMA, is proud to announce a renewed partnership with Lonsdale, as it goes onto Channel 5 in the UK and continues to be broadcast on TV platforms across Brazil, Latin America, Africa, Russia, Canada and the United States.

Since 1891 when the 5th Earl of Lonsdale organised the first boxing match with gloves, the Lonsdale name has become irrevocably interwoven into the fabric of boxing history. With the original range founded by a boxing veteran (Bernard Heart), and the brand fast becoming the emblem of legends such as Muhammed Ali, Henry Cooper and Sugar Ray Leonard; no other brand can claim the relationship with combat sports that Lonsdale has at the very heart of its legacy.

BAMMA have been proud to be affiliated with Lonsdale since BAMMA 5: Daley v Shirai, when Lonsdale championed the event that launched BAMMA onto an international platform. Since then the BAMMA-Lonsdale partnership has seen many great UK MMA bouts, including Ninja Rua vs. Tom Watson, Jimmy Wallhead vs. Frank Trigg, Jack Marshman vs. Carl Noon and Paul Daly vs. Jordan Radev. There can be no better way to celebrate the five successful events the partnership has enjoyed to date, than to renew  the relationship as BAMMA is aired on Channel 5 and 5* channel in the UK.

BAMMA’s director David Green said: “We are very excited to continue our excellent relationship with Lonsdale. Lonsdale have a tradition of being on the cutting edge of combat sports and their pioneering sports heritage is well reflected in their patronage of the burgeoning sport of MMA in the UK. The credibility that Lonsdale’s name brings to British MMA is hugely valuable to the growth of the sport here and to BAMMA as a brand. On a personal level it’s been fantastic working with the Lonsdale team and I look forward to enjoying more events with them.”

Lonsdale’s General Manager, Ian Campbell, said:  “I am delighted to renew this fantastic partnership that has been established over the last two years. I see BAMMA as the perfect partner for Lonsdale: We are synonymous with fight sports and both proud of our British routes. I regard our MMA equipment as the best in its sector and therefore the only partner we could have is BAMMA, as the leading MMA organisation in the UK. On behalf of all the Lonsdale Team we look forward to being part of the growth and success that BAMMA deserve for their efforts to bring MMA acceptability and  credibility, and to bring great entertainment to all fight fans and a wider audience in the UK as well as on a global scale.”