Pro Bouts

Luke Zachrich (10-2 / Ronin) vs. Nick Kraus (6-1 / Ult. Training)

Jon Washington (5-2 / Buckeye MMA) vs. Lance Palmer (3-0 / Alpha Male)

Jeremy Kitts (2-3 / CAMMA) vs. Doug Kulbis (3-3 / Evolve MMA)

Nate Clark (1-0 / Buckeye MMA) vs. Rob Hanna (1-0 / Dayton MMA) 

Amateur Bouts

Shane Holbert (6-1 / Ind.) vs. Muhammad Abdullah (8-4 / Vision Dayton) – MW title

Chico Bays (6-3 / Buckeye MMA) vs. Travis Soto (8-3 / Team Extreme) – WW title

Dave Morgan (4-1 / Elimin8) vs. Nick Brashear (3-0 / John Kim’s) – SHW title

Champ Ben Cook (8-0 / OCSA) vs. James Pfeiffer (6-0 / John Kim’s) – LW title

Unkle De (5-1 / Buckeye MMA) vs. Chris Goins (3-2 / Reed Academy)

James Dishong (6-2 / OCSA) vs. Curtis Thacker (2-2 / Elimin8)

Don Germany (4-0 / Buckeye MMA) vs. Kyle Horton (2-1 / John Kim’s)

Matt Comer (2-0 / Ronin) vs. Dustin King (3-2 / N. Morenci, MI)

DJ Weatherby (4-0 / Buckeye MMA) vs. Robbie Michaels (2-0 / Tiffin Elite)

Fighter quotes: 

Luke Zachrich 

On returning to MMA after a two-plus year absence:

“Well, yeah I’ve been off for two years, I haven’t fought MMA. There are some reasons behind it, I went into my last fight injured. I found out I had two herniated disks in my lower back, so I needed the time off basically just to recover.”

“I had one restaurant in Columbus at the time, Mellow Mushroom, and then we opened a second one. I knew that it’s crazy; opening up the restaurant basically takes six months of your life away.” 

“I stopped training for maybe a month just completely to heal, did a lot of rehab…As soon as my back felt better, I started training just jiu-jitsu very light. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to fight for awhile, just because of the injury. Basically in the last two years, all I’ve done is train a ton of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I’m talking two to three times a day. I’ve traveled around, I’ve trained. I’ve got a phenomenal jiu-jitsu instructor [world champion Vitor Oliveira] here now. I mean, he’s the best I’ve ever trained with. My life has revolved around Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I’ve competed a ton.” 

On his opponent at UVC 20, Nick Kraus:

“He has nothing to lose. In a lot of people’s eyes I’m supposed to win the fight, but I try not to get wrapped up in all of the hype. I have more on the line than this guy does, and that’s why I have to train my butt off to prepare for every single one of these fights, because guess what: I’m that guy that was on ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ and I fought in Bellator and King of the Cage, and I’m the XFO middleweight champion right now.”

“This kid is looking at me as a stepping stone, and that freaking pisses me off. He’s not going to use me as a stepping stone. If he wins, his manager will be shooting off emails to [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva. He is not going to use me as a stepping stone. That’s why I’ve got the training partners that I have.” 

Nick Kraus

On competing in the biggest fight of his career:

“It’s definitely the biggest fight I’ve had thus far in my career. I’m excited for the opportunity, but I haven’t entered it any different than any other fight I’ve entered recently. From previous fights I learned that you just need to treat everybody the same, no opponent is different from the other. It’s nice to know if somebody is a standup or ground fighter, but other than that I don’t like to overanalyze anything.”

On his opponent at UVC 20, Luke Zachrich:

That was one of the biggest deals, was getting a chance to fight [Luke]. A win over a guy like Luke Zachrich will definitely get my name out there. I know he’s a tough opponent and we have one or two common opponents, so I’ve came across his name before in the past. It’s really nice and I’m excited about it. I know he’ll come in ready to go, and so will I.”

“I’m really excited to fight for [UVC]. Columbus is a fun town, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about UVC and the owner. When this fight came up I immediately wanted to say yes, but I had to leave that to my manager after some discussing.”

Lance Palmer

On fighting in his home state for the first time in MMA:

“Having the opportunity to fight in front of my friends, family and fans is huge for me. All of my fights [thus far] have been on the West Coast and my family can’t always afford to fly out. I’m looking forward to bringing a fight to them.”

On his opponent at UVC 20, Jon Washington:

“I go into every fight the same way. I don’t go in to stop any one thing for my opponent, or go for one thing. I want to be the type of fighter that [training partner Urijah] Faber is, where you go out there, do your thing and let it all hang out. You look for openings and capitalize on them. If you try to force stuff, it’s not always a good outcome.”

Courtesy The MMA Corner

Jon Washington

On competing in the biggest fight of his career:

“I’m just going to stay calm and stay in a great spot mentally and stay in good shape physically, and just go out there and work my game plan. I think it’s a great opportunity for me; if I win this fight it’ll give me a lot of spotlight, and not only that, but it’ll give me a bigger name than what I already have.”

On his opponent at UVC 20, Lance Palmer:

“It’s always an honor to fight somebody with that kind of name and that kind of background. I’ve met Palmer a couple times personally and he’s a cool guy. I mean, I’m cool with him, but the thing is now we’re against each other and we’re going to go in there and put our skills to the test. I’ve been doing a lot of grappling defense and a lot of standup, so this is going to be a war. It’s an honor to fight him.”

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