ProElite Full Fight Card and Predictions

There is another good fight card August 27th besides UFC Rio. ProElite has a solid card going on in Hawaii, featuring Andre Arlovski, Kendall Grove and Reagan Penn amongst others. This will be their first fight card since the Kimbo Slice/Seth Petruzelli debacle a few years ago. Now under new management with many of StrikeForces former employees in key positions, this has the potential to be a solid promotion putting on smaller fights a few times a year. Or they could try to grow too fast, spend too much money (as is already being rumored) and flash out quickly like many of the other upstart promotions without major backing. Time will tell, all I know is good fights are good fights no matter wh puts them on, and this card has good fights potentially. As usual, my predictions are in green, enjoy.

Main card

Heavyweight bout: Belarus Andrei Arlovski vs. United States Ray Lopez

Andre ‘The Pitbull’ Arlovski is on a 4 fight losing streak. The longest in his career to date. Going into the fight, he is the favorite. Yet, with 7 T/KO losses, I would think he should be the underdog. Lopez has a 5-2 record starting in 2009, with no decisions. He comes to fight from what I can gleen from his record. Good news for Arlovski, his technical boxing might just give him the edge. Aside from that edge, I’m calling an upset by Ray Lopez, the short money is on another KO loss for Arlovski.

Middleweight bout: United States Kendall Grove vs. United States Joe Riggs

Kendall Grove and Joe Riggs are UFC vets looking to reignite their careers. Kendall was on the losing end of 4 out of his last 6 bouts. Riggs as two losses in a row, he has also been bouncing around from promotion to promotion since he was last seen in StrikeForce. Both of his losses have come by way of TKO due to punches. Not a good sign for ‘The Diesel’. Because of Riggs recent losses, I’m giving the edge to Kendall Grove. I’m calling Kendall ‘The Spider’ Grove by decision.

Welterweight bout: United States Reagan Penn vs. United States Paul Gardner

Since I was unable to find any quality background info on either fighter, I’m going with Reagan Penn on the strength of his name alone. Hopefully I will know more about both fighters when the night is over.

Heavyweight bout: United States Jake Heun vs. United States Mark Ellis
Jake Heun has one win, that’s enough for me. His opponent, Mark Ellis has no pro bouts I could find. So, the veteran (that’s funny right?) gets the nod from me. Jake Heun for the win.

Women’s (135 lb) bout: United States Sara McMann vs. United States Raquel Pa’aluhi
Once again, I only found info on Sara McMann, she has a 3-0 record, Raquel Pa’aluhi is making her pro debut (?) which makes me give the nod again to the veteran (it’s still funny). Sara McMann for the W.

Middleweight bout: United States Drew McFedries vs. United States Kala Hose
Drew McFedries is another UFC vet, Kala Hose is a veteran (an actuall MMA veteran) you may not have heard of. He has fought in several promotions, including EliteXc. With a record of 7-5 he doesn’t look like the toughest opponent on paper, McFedries on the other hand has a 9-6 record, also not the most stellar on paper. What the record doesn’t show is that both of these fighters come to fight, each and every time. I’m expecting this to be the fight of the night. I feel McFedries is the better fighter in t his match up, as such I’m giving him the win by decision.

Preliminary card

Welterweight bout: United States Chris Cisneros vs. United States Sale Sproat
Chris Cisneros because I like the name, for the win.

Lightweight bout: United States Dustin Barca vs. United States Reno Remigio
Dustin Barca.

Amateur bout: United States Ray Cooper Jr. vs. United States Kyle Foyle
Kevin Foyle

That’s it!
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