ProElite Videos and Highlights

There was more than one great fight card on Saturday night. It was a great night for us, MMA Rants was at Boogie Nights (that’s the nickname we’ve given to the house we watch all MMA events live at) chilling in the Jacoozi (yes’ we’ve nicnamed the Jacuzzi too) with the fights going. Everyone had a glass full of Johnny Walker Blue Label (that’s just how we roll, actually it was a gift, not a usual occurance. We plan to make it how we roll) a full stomach and plenty of MMA goodness to fill the night. After UFC Rio ProElite’s Hawaiian show was pretty damn exciting, it was a good evening had by all, if you missed it, below are a few videos of the fights.

Reagan Penn vs. Paul Gardiner

Kendall Grove vs. Joe Riggs

Mark Ellis vs. Jake Heun

That’s it!
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