Putting my money where my mouth is: Belfort to win

I don’t usually do this. In fact, I never have before, but this time, I felt I had to make a statement.

I honestly think Vitor Belfort’s fast hands and experience can win out over Jon Jones.

How much? So much that for the first time ever, I’m betting on a UFC fight. Not just a wager between friends: an official Las Vegas bet. I’ve got a ticket and everything.

I thought about not betting. Thought about journalistic standards and ethics. How could I bet on something I’ve written on?

Then I remembered: I’m no journalist! I’m a fan. And fans can bet.

Now, we’re not talking a fortune here, but my $20 bet on Belfort to win will pay me a nice $120 profit if he wins. More than that, I’ll get to see Jon Jones taken down a rung, which I think we all benefit from.

So there you go: I’ve put my money down.

Go Vitor! Win one for the old lions!



UPDATE: If Vitor wins, I’m putting $40 on Bonner!