Rampage talks

UFC 135: Rampage vs. Jones is coming up soon. If you are unaware, this is a Light Heavy Weight Title Fight. Jon ‘Bones’ Jones is the current Champion, after destroying Shogun Rua a handful of months ago. Over the past 2 years (possibly 3 years) Rampage has been plagued by doubts concerning his desire to continue fighting. A few (maybe more than a few) lackluster performances, rumors of poor training habits, pressure from Hollywood and the UFC, a wild car chase, and tons of interviews with Rampage stating emphatically that he is only fighting for the money now. It’s just a job.

It’s easy to see why a fan, casual or hardcore, might question Rampage’s motivation and determination. Well, Rampage is listening. In fact he took to his youtube channel to address his fans directly. See below.

Are you convinced? Which Rampage is gonna show up to the Octagon?

A subdued Rampage is training/living at the gym in Denver. Showing us his temporary room. All the while telling us, the fans.

Don’t worry about a thing, I got this.

Does ‘he got this’? Does Rampage have the determination and skills to defeat Bones? Right now I say no. Ask me again 2 weeks from fight night, my answer might change.


That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
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Rumble young man Rumble.