Rampage vs. Teixeira: RIP Rampage

Quentin Rampage Jackson is scheduled to make his last appearance in the Octagon™. Sure, it might just be his last appearance on this contract, as with everything Rampage, there’s no telling what he may or may not decide in the next 10 minutes, look a butter fly. He’s been vocal about wanting to put on a ‘show’, meaning, he want’s someone who will stand and trade with him until somebody goes down. Since Rampage has HEAVY hands, he know’s in most cases that will not be him on the canvas. Which is why MMA fighters use wrestling/BJJ/Muay Thai and several other martial arts to win fights. Something Rampage isn’t fully aware of apparently.

THe UFC was only too happy to oblige Rampage, they put together a fight with all of the ingredients the fans love. Rampage vs. Glover Teixeira. Glover as you might remember, was the opponent Shogun REFUSED to face, as have most of the fighters on the 205lb roster. The man’s a beast, he’s got incredible stand up, a great ground game and is as hungry as they come. He will happily stand and trade with Rampage, for the few minutes it takes to put him away that is.

I can’t help but think that this match is not a going away present as much as it’s a eulogy. Your thoughts?

Rumble young man Rumble