Rampage/UFC wins, Bellator/fans lose.

Rampage Back_150Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and the UFC may have won the initial court battle against Bellator for Rampage’s services inside the cage, allowing him to fight Fabio Maldonado at UFC 186 this Saturday in Montreal, but the fans lost out more than Bellator in this case.

At this point in his career, Rampage has been exposed by wrestlers and BJJ practitioners, so a fight with a slugger like Maldonado who will most certainly attempt to “stand and bang” with the vet has to be appealing, both to Rampage and the UFC. Fans love a good stand-up “war”.

Having Rampage back on the card certainly adds some needed name recognition to the beleaguered pay per view.

But by removing Rampage’s replacement, Ex-hockey enforcer Steve Bosse, from the fight, several potentially exciting elements go with him.

Part of the lure of MMA for many in the beginning were questions about fight styles: How would a karate guy do against a boxer? A wrestler against a street fighter?

This is what made the first UFCs stand out as unique and exciting combat sport events.

And this is what the fans lose when Bosse gets pulled from his replacement bout with Maldonado.

Who knows how the fight might’ve went. Bosse “retired” before stepping foot inside The Octagon™ but after getting signed to the UFC. He has the skills, apparently, to make for a good fight.

Now, we’ll never know.

Meanwhile, Rampage gets to pay a few bills…