Rant With US: Post Fight Advice

For 50% of fighters it would be wise to have a package of twisty straws and a case of chicken noodle soup available as part of there post fight first aid kit. Just sayin’.

Random thought by

Kaalund Taylor


Ed. Note-

Not a bad idea, normally we wouldn’t post something this short, but it got us thinking, what should be in a fighters Post Fight First Aid kit? What would be in your Post Fight First Aid Kit? Here’s mine.

1. Hottest Ring Girl and her friend (ugly friend is okay)
2. Medical Marijuana (Probably the 10th Planet Kush Eddie Bravo talks about, casue if your gonna start doing something, start with the best product right?)
4. A tall glass of Sailor Jerry and Vanilla Coke, ice cold.

Give us yours in the comments below.