Rant With Us: Rampage Goes on a Rampage

Rampage Jackson is just ridiculous. I don’t know if you have been following his tweets but I know for the last couple of months, even before the fight, every time I see @Rampage4real on my timeline I cringe because I know it’s going to be something stupid. Before the fight he kept talking about how he was tired of stupid fans and kept saying he loves the Japanese fans because they are smart. Now we are post fight and he still hates the fans but he also is done with the UFC. According to Rampage the UFC has never promoted him correctly and constantly puts him against fighters that will just hump his leg.

Is this guy for real? He can’t really be serious here can he? Let’s look at his time in the UFC. He comes over from Pride* and gets one warm up fight with Marvin Eastman then immediately gets a shot at the UFC’s star, Chuck Liddell. Rampage wins so he is now at the top where he gets Hendo and then drops the belt in a fight to Forrest Griffin where he just didn’t know how to handle leg kicks. After dropping the belt he gets Wanderlei and Jardine. By beating Jardine Rampage earned the right to fight Rashad for the title. So what does the UFC do, they use their one major promotion tool, The Ultimate Fighter, to promote Rampage vs Rashad and in the end Rampage says thank you by taking a movie and going on rants about how he is done with the UFC. Of course the movie business isn’t for Rampage (or better put, Rampage isn’t for the movie business) so he comes back and fights Rashad, who realizes the best way to beat Rampage is to take him down because he has ring rust and probably couldn’t handle Rashad on top of him, turns out he was right. The UFC then gives him Lyoto Machida and Matt Hamill and he manages to beat both so they give him a title shot with Jon Jones, which he loses. Then recently there was the fight with Ryan Bader, which we know he came in with an injury, overweight and got dominated.

So looking at the opponents I ask you, where did the UFC feed him to a string of leg humpers? To me it seems as if the UFC gave Rampage every legitimate opportunity to be a star and he has done nothing but thrown it back in their faces. Let us also not forget the infamous July 15th, 2008 arrest where Rampage literally lost his sh!t and went crazy. Yet the UFC still was there for him and even posted the bail to get him out!

Please someone tell me where exactly the UFC has screwed this man, let us not forget that we know Rampage made $250,000 for his last fight (paid $200,000 because he missed weight) and this doesn’t include locker room bonuses and other payments which we know the UFC does but are not announced** . Does this sound like someone who isn’t being promoted correctly and who is being treated unfairly by the UFC?

If I was Dana White I would just let him sit on the sidelines until his contract expired or just cut him now. This dude has caused nothing but trouble and constantly berates the company that has literally bailed him out before. I guess I am just one of those stupid fans Rampage, but I buy PPVs and I have no interest in seeing you lose your sh!t when you lose.



*Editors note- his contract was bought from the WFA along with Urijah Faber and others after the promotion went bankrupt-Rampage fought Matt Lindland and won
** Editors note- Rampage is very likely one of the lucky few who gets a PPV cut on top of his pay, in the past they have given him an Audi R8 and Dodge Challenger for being on TUF.