Rant With Us: Sonnen the best??!!

There may be many messages, tweets, blogs written about this guy but never have I wanted to rant so much in my life.

The best possible outcome to this whole situation will be Anderson beating this fool up for at least a round and then knocking his big meat head off his shoulders via flying knee, spinning heel kick (insert technique of choice). The fact is it may even be satisfying if Silva ended on his back and submitted Sonnen again, which leads me to my main point. How has nobody in the industry, especially the many fighters he has chastised in the recent past called this guy out. He constantly talks about being the best MW in the world, he has lost 11 times mainly to submissions, generally arm bars and triangles. So how can someone with such a gaping hole in his arsenal make such a claim. Don’t get me wrong he is a very good wrestler and seems to be one of the strongest guys in the UFC (I’ll not even mention steroid abuse’s contribution to this). IMO if u can use your strengths to win fights then power to you, but if you lose because of downfalls this also leaves you no excuse, this is the whole idea of MMA is it not?

My final point is even when he has won, who has he beaten? Stann is probably the highest calibre fighter he has a victory against and despite my massive respect for him as a fighter and a man but he is hardly an elite competitor within the sport and still only has a hand full of wins in the MW division of the UFC. Whenever Sonnen has faced anything near a top fighter he has lost. 3 times to Jeremy Horn, Forrest Griffin (and we all know what Silva did to him) Damien Maia ditto. So why he seems to be given free license to walk around and talk as if he is …well Anderson Silva, who has beaten more top class fighters in the last 2/3 years than Sonnen ever has or will.

Ian Proctor