RANT WITH US: TUF for the Ladies of MMA!

I think its ridiculous that there isn’t a TUF for the Ladies of MMA!* We work, train, and fight just as hard as they do..if not harder because we have something to prove.. why can’t we be treated as equally as they are as that’s how it should be anyway! There are far more Tate’s and Rousey’s out there than people think..and trust me, we are ACHING to show what we’ve got! TUF: The Ladies of MMA would be a great start..

-Katy ‘The Red Dragon’ Collins

(editor’s note- we don’t use the term ‘WMMA’ on this site. MMA stands for mixed martial artist, or Mixed Martial Arts, it covers both genders, so we discuss the Women’s divisions in MMA)

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