Rashad Evans Promo

It’s no secret around here that I’m not a huge Rashad Evans fan. I generally root against him, however, I root against him knowing that in most cases he’s gonna win. Rashad is the real deal, he’s athletic, and lighting fast. He’s a well rounded, dangerous fighter who has the best chance at beating Jon Jones. I’m calling it like it is, I did’t feel Shogun, Rampage or Lyoto had what it would take to beat Jon Jones, Rashad has 2 things in his favor, 1. they trained together 2. his speed. Every boxing coach in the world will tell you “Speed Kills”. It’s a fact, proven over and over again in thousands upon thousands of Boxing matches and hundreds of MMA bouts. The only other fighter I feel has a good chance at Jon Jones’s belt is Hendo, Dan Henderson. Like Randy Couture, you can never count him out, he’s fought the best at MW,LHW, HW and won. Here’s a twist tho, I don’t think Hendo would fair so well against Rashad. Go figure. Styes make fights as they say.

Rashad Evans is facing his biggest challenge, it’s not only Jon Jones, it’s the fan base too. He has the ability to rub fans the wrong way, in a Koscheck kinda way. I gotta admit, if he keeps doing promos like this on and wins the belt, there are gonna be a large number of converts. This promo using The ‘Godfather of Soul’ in the background is genius and well put together. Watch, listen, and dream of the day these two step into the Octagon™.

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Anthony Dominguez
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