RFA comes to the Shrine Auditorium

rfaThe Resurrection Fighting Alliance has a national profile and a close relationship to the UFC, and this gives it a distinct advantage over other national and regional promotions when it comes to finding talent. You’ll find some of the best MMA fighters in it’s cage (which happens to be The Octagon™ on loan from the UFC) and it’s events televised on AXS TV.

So when the RFA came to the Shrine Auditorium

John Hackleman Jr vs Howard La Croix

It’s always nice when you get to watch one of the top MMA coaches at a local event, the MMA world is smaller than it sometimes seems so this is not all that rare of an event—what is rare is seeing the son or daughter of one of the top MMA coaches fight, so I was really looking forward to seeing John Hackleman Jr. fight tonight.

I didn’t get much of an opportunity though because he absolutely destroyed Howard Lacriox, connecting with a punch that sent La Croix to the mat and then pouncing to finish him off. Hacklman looks like a beast and I look forward to seeing him fight again!

Winner: John Hackleman, Jr. 11 sec TKO


Dmitry Gaussimo vs. Jordy Essordia

The round started tamely, as both men circled each other and threw a few leg kicks. Dmitry had the early advantage here, landing a few solid kicks to Jordy’s calf and thigh that reverberated throughout the rapidly filling hall. Jordy rushed in with a quick flurry of punches. This set them off and they both opened up, with Isordia getting the better of the stand up. Gerasimov shot to take him down, Isordia sprawled and Gerasimov worked a front choke and used it to spin Isordia around and when Isordia attempted to get up, Gerasimov pulled him into a guillotine choke.It took a while, but Isordia tapped.

Winner: Dmitry Gerasimov, 4:04 tap out (choke)


Zac Chavez vs. Terrion Ware

Terrion Ware’s been featured on here before, and he took the fight on two days’ notice: a testament to a “be ready, stay ready? philosophy. Chavez came out looking for the takedown and while Ware initially stuffed it, Chavez eventually picked Ware up and got him to the canvas. Working from top position, Chavez attempted an arm bar but Ware slickly escaped and ended up on top. Ware got mount and when Chavez attempted to escape he gave up his back and Ware took it. Working for a choke as they rolled, Ware eventually went for an arm bar and this time it was Chavez who escaped but Ware, working from the bottom, was able to get Chavez in a tight triangle choke. Chavez remained calm and kept working to get out of it. They ended the round on their feet, with Ware landing and slipping hard punches from Chavez. The crowd appreciated their efforts and their applause let it be know.

Round two: Once again, Chavez immediately went for the takedown, lifted ware up and threw him down. As they worked against the cage, Ware took advantage of an opening and took top position landing elbows to the side of Chavez’ head. They continued wrestling and Chavez worked for back mount but Ware slipped out the back and ended up on top again. Ware worked his way to a rear-naked choke and you’ve got to give it to Chavez, he never tapped but went to sleep instead.

An early fight of the night candidate, both guys deserve the applause they got. I’ll be looking forward to seeing both men fight again.

Winner: Terrion Ware, 3:58 of round two (technical submission RNC)


Main Card

Perceu Friza vs Boston Salmon

These guys opened the Main Card and they came to fight, engaging early and clinching against the cage. Salmon landed some effective knees to Friza’s stomach and was able to turn him into the cage. They separated and, after a brief exchange, Salmon landed a liver kick. Friza’s body shutting down, he was unable to do more than put his hands up and that was that.

Winner: Boston Salmon, TKO (Ref Stoppage), 3:13 of the first round


James Moontasri vs Rick Reger

Moontasri is a dynamic striker and Reger immediately looked to stifle Moontasri, catching his first kick and pushing him up against the cage. They battled there for a long time, landing relatively insignificant short strikes, the one exception being Moontasri’s demonstration of flexibility as he landed a knee to the head of a mostly vertical Reger. When they did separate, Moontasri landed a kick, and then another, rushing forward and attempting a spinning attack though proved futile as Reger moved forward and interrupted the attempt, getting Moontasri to the ground. Watch the television show for the rest of round one.

Round two: Reger seems intent on trading with Moontasri but quickly abandons that plan and tries to clinch with him. When they separate, Reger moves in but is met with a viscious uppercut by Moontasri, which sends Reger to his knees. A flurry of punches later, Moontasri manages to get the back of a stunned Reger, and climbs him as he stands. As he is applying the choke, Reger seems to lose conscousness and they fall back, almost in slow motion and Reger goes out.

Winner: James Moontasri, (technical submission, RNC), 28 seconds into round two


Randa Markos-Thomas vs Justine Kicsh

What a fight!  Kisch has skills and they were on display! (Watch DVR)


Kevin Casey vs Eddie Mendez

I’m just speculating here, but I would be willing to bet that you’ll find both of these guys putting serious time in the weight room on a regular basis… Which you would think would make wrestling the main discipline on display in this bout, and you would be right. After a very brief exchange, they went to the ground, with Casey on top. The guy is a python, and once he gets ahold of you, you’re not getting out. A brief Kimura attempt by Casey led to a mount. All the while landing some good ground and pound, Casey eventually postured up and delivered a brutal elbow. Mendez had enough—verbal tap.

Winner: Kevin Casey (verbal submission)


Billy Daniels vs Pedro Munhoz—Bantamweight Title Fight

This one promises to be a hell of a fight. and after a few punches thrown and a nice front kick to the body by Munhoz, they went to the ground. Munhoz sunk in a guillotine and for a moment it looked like Daniels was about to pop out, but Munhoz adjusted well and got the tap.

Winner: Pedro Munhoz, (guillotine choke) 41 seconds of round one


Brian Ortega vs. Keoni Koch—for featherweight title