Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva II…yay!

I love Rich Franklin, but I’m a bigger Wand fan, I’m also of the opinion that in their first bout, Franklin played it safe and got the very boring W for his safe performance, good for him. Not good for the fans. I know it got FOTN, but it just didn’t feel like 2 men where fighting. I think Wand can get FOTN with any other human being in the Octagon™.

Well, it’s time again, Wandy is gonna get his chance to do what he couldn’t the first time (though he came close) KO’ing Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin. Too bad it’s not Vitor, I was looking forward to that fight, really looking forward to it. We all know Wand’s not the same ‘Axe Murderer’ he was in Pride, he’s just not, and it hurts my soul everyday to think about that. Sadly, if Rich KO’s Wand (which is very likely) this could be Wand’s last stand in the Octagon™ and hopefully in MMA. HE’s a warrior, one I don’t think will step away from the sport too easily, one can hope. If he wins, I’m not sure where this puts him in the mix. I don’t believe Wand is close to a title shot, even with a spectacular win over Franklin.

Until tomorrow, watch this fast preview.

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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