rin_nakaiRin Nakai is somewhat of an anomaly in MMA, hell, in Japan even. Her road to the Octagon™ has seen her retire from MMA due to internet hate, come back and win a title fight where she was allowed to use knees and her opponent wasn’t and I won’t even get into her videos. Well, now it looks like she may be looking for a new career? I know that’s a pretty big assumption, read her recent blog post for yourself and see what you think. Also, if you are a fan of J MMA and the Women’s divisions, check out CJ’s Report, he translates Japanese blogs and puts up all the info you might want. 

From CJ’s Report

Rin Nakai Blog: “I am a poor person from the country side”

The following is from Rin Nakai’s Blog 7/20
I am like a rare animal found on the Seto Island Sea, and my background music is that of a perverted erotic thong
Actually, I am a poor person from the country side
There is no one to train with in my gym, the countryside is worn-out and the gym’s are shrinking/depopulating…
In contrast with that
World famous super stars and rich celebrities, they often throw big pool parties with lots of famous people
There are mega-gyms with state-of-the-art facilities and top-class coaches who are always there
In these gyms there are top-class fighters who have an abundance of sparring partners…
They also have a lot of big sponsorships attached to them
It’s like light and day
I’ve be apart from that since the beginning, I just thought I wanted to update my blog, but I couldn’t think about anything else, I think about it every day
I can’t fight at a level like the UFC in my current environment/circumstances, I really want time and a way to improve my environment…even though I’ve talked about it, I can’t make you understand it,  I wonder why
Retirement has entered my scope and I’ve started thinking about it

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