Rocha Released. Damn

The UFC has decided to release Carlos Eduardo Rocha. Our best guess is that the WW division is just to deep and they don’t have enough fights planned to utilize all the fighters with a few losses like Rocha has. It’s a shame, we like watching Rocha, if you listen real hard you might hear Bellator knocking on the door.


I went there to fight MMA and he wants to win by points. There were 15 minutes of pure stalling This is bullshit. And UFC fires me after a fight where the guy just stood there stalling. I had good performances and even so I was cut off. I didn’t expect this.
Wasn’t he the one who said he’d fight any Brazilian because it’s an easy fight? I thought he could come for me but he didn’t. He didn’t attack me on the clinch, he didn’t hit me nor let me hit him. That’s not MMA.
There was one promotion (that made him an offer), but the guy didn’t wanna fight me. Now let’s move on, keep my head up. I never give up. I know I’ll get better next time so I can have another chance in the UFC.

Rumble young man Rumble