Ronda Rousey devastates Alexis Davis in 16 seconds, sees room for improvement

Rousey_Not_Happy175_150x150Ronda Rousey keeps getting put up against the best her weight class has to offer and continues to run through them. Alexis Davis is a solid fighter, not a flashy person, but definitely worthy of a bout with Rousey, given her skill set demonstrated in her past performances.

But at UFC 176, she was no match for Rousey’s striking as the Champ sent Davis’ consciousness for a ride, striking with her and throwing her to the ground before finally pummeling her senseless as the fight was stopped at the 16 second mark.

That’s no exaggeration, either. After ref Yves Levine called the bout, Davis maintained her hold around Rousey’s waist, forcing Rousey to separate her hands to celebrate the victory. Then Davis attempted to grapple Levine and doctor that came to examine her, until they stood her up and Levine repeatedly told her “the fight is over.”

In a sport that often ends with knockouts or technical submissions, in which fighters often “wake up” wondering what the hell just happened, this was remarkable.

In the post-fight press conference, Rousey said that her goal was to retire undefeated, as one of the greatest of all time and acknowledged that she still had room for growth. She noted that Davis caught her in the beginning of the fight, and cited that as part of the reason she wasn’t satisfied.

There’s no question Ronda Rousey will go down as one of the greats of the sport, regardless of what happens from this point on. She is a true Champion.