Ronda_rousey_on_fox_leg_interviewRonda talks about Cyborg, Carano, her new knee and how she has 2 legs now and what that means to the competition. It’s the interview she gave before she doused herself with an ice bath for ALS.

We especially like how she talks about Bethe Correia, she gives good advice to the division and a compliment to Bethe.

Transcribed from Fox interview (see below)

“This was actually my 4th knee surgery, and my 3rd scope. I’ve had it much worse before. I tell people I’ll fight today. If they need a fight, I would do it today. It’s going to be scary when I come back at 100%. I’ve been operating on one leg pretty much for a couple of years. Now, it’s gone to a point that my range of motion and everything is better than it has been since I was 16.” “When I’m 100% back, I feel… No, I don’t feel sorry for people ever actually, never mind.” 


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