Roy, Almighty!

Men in Black 3 may have taken the weekend box office title from The Avengers, but at UFC 146, Roy Nelson stole Thor’s thunder…


After going toe-to-toe with both of the fighters in the Main Event at UFC 146 that were fighting for the Heavyweight Belt, one while he suffered from walking pneumonia and one while he worked through an injury, Roy Nelson showed the world what I’ve been saying about him all along: Roy is Mighty!

A healthy Roy Nelson could beat either of those two and if things work out right, is only a few fights away from proving it and getting the belt.

Look, I make no bones about it: Roy “Big Country” Nelson is my favorite fighter in MMA. From his style of Kung Fu fighting to his no-BS attitude to his great sense of humor, not to mention the chin the guy’s displayed in his career, Roy’s the one I’m rooting for.

As much as a fan as I am, nothing makes me happier than to report, totally objectively, that Roy Nelson demolished his opponent on Saturday. One-punch knock out!

After learning of his third opponent for the fight, and with this one significantly different than the other two, he had to switch up training a bit and that had to be annoying. But Roy showed the world his overhand right could conquer all.

Hendo may have the “H-bomb” but Roy’s is at least as dangerous.

The fight only lasted a short time, but the feeling of finally seeing Roy perform like that will be lasting.

Way to go, Roy!