Roy Nelson & Shane Carwin to Coach TUF!

USA Today… um, yesterday… had the exclusive (another smart move by Zuffa—USA Today exclusives! That way, everyone staying in a hotel will find out before you do!) from Dana White that the next season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show (in the US) will feature coaches Roy “Big Country” Nelson and Shane “I’m gonna re-injure myself before the finale fight” Carwin.

They’ll be coaching welterweights.

Roy Nelson—Kung Fu Fighter, winner of TUF Heavyweights season, IFL Champion, misunderstood comic genius


Shane Carwin—Former UFC Heavyweight Champ, very smart guy, seems well-mannered, unfortunately perpetually injured of late

It should make for a fun season!

In an interesting twist, Roy Nelson was considered a troublemaker during his season as a TUF participant for preferring to workout and game plan on his own for his fights, frustrating his coaches from the show. Of course, this is totally consistent with who he is, and, well, results speak for themselves.

As a Roy Nelson fan, I couldn’t be happier with his selection. I mean, I follow Nelson on Twitter, get his Facebook updates and now I’ll be able to get a weekly fix of his coaching and annoying Carwin. It should test Carwin’s patience and we’ll see how it manifests as it works it way out over the course of the season.

It should be a hell of a fight at season’s end, too. Carwin is a formidable opponent. Even though he’s been out of circulation for long enough for many fans to forget how good he is, if he can return to action without re-injuring himself (is Vegas taking odds on that, btw?), he will give Nelson all he can handle.

It’s been announced that Fox & Zuffa will be re-working the format of TUF, after last season’s mildly popular “Live” format. It is believed that they will abandon it in favor of a taped format, where multiple cameras and editing can bring out the drama that helped to make the fighters and the show popular when it was on Spike TV.

I am so looking forward to this!