Jon_nelson_HW_ChampHere we are with another installment of ‘I’m starting a Rumor.’ This time I am starting a rumor about the illustrious newly re-instated Jon ‘Bones’ Jones.

We know that Jones is coming back, but for how long?

Jon Jones plans on ‘destroying’ Daniel Cormier, then heading to Heavy Weight. Many have speculated as much with his recent weightlifting posts and his current physique (not at all medically enhanced, seriously, we swear, totally, absolutely clean).

Trust me, if you haven’t seen them, you’ll understand when you do, the man is jacked, and pushing big weight, he’s gonna be big, lean and strong, a perfect HW Wrecking Machine.

He will most likely call out the HW Champion after his victory. Then take a layoff to complete his body transformation to that of a legit HW. Look for Jones to vie for the HW Strap near the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017.

*We made this sh1t up. If it happens, remember we said it first.

Rumble young man Rumble