Running Man & Sandy Vagina

It’s ya boy Nameo back again Monday morning quarterbacking  at the preverbal water cooler if you will..

Let’s get into it!

After watching again, while I disagree with the scoring, I agree that Nick Diaz maybe lost on points.  That’s only points & I still dispute it.  If this was Pride Fighting Championship (R.I.P.) Carlos would have been “Yellow Carded “So much his fight purse would look like my bank account after bill day, and he would probably be partially deaf from the Ref yelling “Action!” in his ear.  A rematch is already being talked about if GSP is not ready to go and Nick “blows the sand out of his vagina” and not quit like he said.  I’m kidding of course but on the real, there’s doesn’t seem to be any “bitch” in Nick Diaz so I’m sure he is already regretting his outburst.  We hope so any way. It was a close fight and from what I’ve been reading depending on how you judge a fight a lot of people have Nick winning. I see how they feel that way.  For my taste, I hate watching fighters who fight like Carlos did. A lot of wrestlers do this.  They take a guy down and lay on him and do nothing! Running is just as annoying, I understand gamesmanship in prize fighting but this is MMA, this is not Boxing or a Karate tournament for points. As MMA fans we expect and have become accustomed to a more combative fight “Action!  I say again.” For me, that has always been the hook with MMA, a pure skills contest, It’s my style vs your style, “Crane vs the Snake’  “Tiger vs the Bear” “you’re Kung fu is bullsh*t, you have offended my family and disgraced the Shaolin Temple.”  Oh sorry,  I slipped back into my Kung Fu theater days  for a second, all I’m missing is some karate shoes, some Kool Aid and a pack of Now and Laters.

This is just my personal opinion, I’m no expert or “Mr. Know it all” although on the rare, rare occasion that I am actually wrong about something I do call the Preacher to see if Hell has frozen over. Seriously though, I like a fighter to go out there, tuck his nuts, put up his dukes and fight a man with all of his heart and skill.  You know? Maybe Carlos did that and I’m being nitpicky but to me you have to engage and put hands on a man in order for you to say you whipped him.  I suck at Maui Thai for the most part and have the shins of a skinny girl but even I can stand on the outside and kick a man’s thigh for 25 min…Anderson Silva has been guilty of this a couple of times in the past also but I think he was just bored with the completion. Carlos Condit vs. GSP will potentially be a snooze fest. I like Carlos Condit, he is usually exciting and a finisher, not a gamesman.  GSP however is all gamesman, which is fine, but his fights can be just as boring as watching paint dry without all of the excitement that drying paint can provide.  He tends to fight safe & only does what he has to do, to win but not finish.  I realize at the end of the day it’s about the “W” and he sure dose win that’s for sure, and boy dose he put together a game plan like Hannibal from the A Team.  GS to the P just needs to pull the trigger more and finish a damn fight!!! He clearly has the skills.  For me gamesmanship of this type is better left for dancing with the Stars, Boxing or tournament point fighting.  Not MMA.  Bring back the “Yellow Card!” They better have a strong undercard for this one because as of today no one is looking forward to GSP vs the Natural born runner…  IMO….. What do you think?

 Until next time…Remember nothing say “ Haha your team just lost the Super Bowl now pass the spinach dip you looser!”  like a Katahajime

Nameo The Great!