RVCA Video of BJ Penn Road to UFC and my thoughts

To start off, this is a compelling video. It starts with Reagan and his recent bout in EliteXc followed by the entire Penn team heading to Cali for training at the RVCA headquarters, all in preparation for UFC 137. It’s a very well made video, interesting, compelling, exciting and full of information and familiar faces. A very in depth look at a training camp.

Some interesting points:

  • BJ Penn tried to get a different fight when he was offered Nick Diaz.
  • BJ Penn and Nick Diaz have been training partners recently.
  • BJ talked with Nick Diaz’s camp, both tried to get different opponents.
  • BJ also has a serious stiched gash above his eyelid just below his eyebrow.
  • BJ was pretty pissed with the UFC when he heard Condit was gonna fight GSP.
  • His trainers make a point of hoping for his motivation to reach it’s peak and BJ reaches his potential.
None of the above points are new, or news worthy except for maybe the gash. It is interesting to me that they would be a prominent part of the video. BJ states that he is ‘motivated’ and wants to ‘reach his full potential’ etc. etc. etc. I love BJ Penn, as a fan I’ve heard this speil from him over and over, most notably  before and after the last time GSP handed him his ass. Since BJ left the LW division, I’m very unsure about his future as an elite fighter. Regardless of how much I respect and root for him, I don’t think I will ever not question his motivation and cardio.
Who do you think is gonna win this one?

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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