Ryan Jimmo: Welcome to the UFC!

Ryan Jimmo finally had his debut inside The Octagon™ at UFC 149 and took seven seconds to end it with a bang! After a false start earlier in the year when he was scheduled to fight but couldn’t due to injury, he finally got to fight for the promotion and took advantage of the opportunity, aggressively moving toward his opponent, Anthony Perosh, and landing a huge overhand right, scoring a one-punch highlight-reel knock-out (there was a second punch thrown by Jimmo, but only because ref Josh Rosenthal couldn’t get there in time.

Something tells me Jimmo, unlike Ludwig, won’t have to mount a campaign to be recognized by the UFC for the record. Actually, Dana White’s twet after the fight tells me:

WOW!!! Ryan Jimmo just tied the fastest KO in UFC history!

I will admit, I did not see this coming. After seeing Jimmo defend his title against Sokoudjou in Canada’s MFC, I was left less than totally impressed. But, hey, he’s now 17-1 (1-0 UFC) and I’m looking forward to his next bout. Do I think he can challenge for a title in the UFC? No. I mean, he’s always going to have a puncher’s chance, but I’ll have to see more strong performances in The Octagon™ against higher level competition before I’m jumping on the Jimmo bandwagon.

But for now, he’ll deservedly get to bask in the light of his record-tying KO. Congratulations, Ryan Jimmo!