Jay Silva handed Kendall Grove his FIRST ever submission loss.  We initially didn’t see eye to eye backstage, but during the interview when Jay stated that he wanted to grow as a fighter before going to the UFC, and stay loyal to SCC, it really showed me his character.  He’s a stand up dude, and I’m a fan of his.  Congratulations on a huge victory.

Jimmy Jones is one of the coolest guys out there, and if you haven’t heard of him yet, you will soon.  The guy keeps on churning out solid performance after solid performance.  He has only had 4 professional fights, but guess what?  He’s 4-0.  He’s a solid fighter with a lot of potential, and I see big things for him ahead.  You owe it to yourself to come to an SCC fight and see these great fights.  These are all UFC quality fights, and I believe most of these guys can compete with some of the guys on the UFC roster, Handsome Jimmy Jones included.

As a “journalist” (that term has been called into question as of late in the MMA blogosphere and I only refer to myself as such because what else should I call what I do at these fights if not journalism?) I know I’m supposed to remain unbiased, but I couldn’t help myself.  Robinson hit the nail on the head when he mentioned Diaz vs Condit except, as Dominique stated, I didn’t see Paulo do much other than hold Robinson against the cage.  I guess you can call that cage control, but as I stated in my Diaz vs Condit blog, the athletic commissions need to assign some sort “value system” to determine what is worth more in the judging criteria.  I believe that if one fighter is TRYING to actually fight, and another is only interested in cage control, the fighter trying to fight, score and do damage should EARN more points on the judges’ score cards.  Sorry for being so biased in this interview but I had to side with “The Fallen Angel” Dominique Robinson on this one.

Wondering why there’s no Jamie Yager interview? Ya me too…he declined to be interviewed, I guess I’m not on that level yet.
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