Schaub vs. Lesnar???

Could it really happen? Ohhhhhhhh, please, Mr. White…I’ll do ANYTHING!

So, if Brendan Schaub happens to beat Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira tomorrow night in UFC 134, he could possibly score a fight with Lesnar, unless they give him the winner of the Cain/dos Santos fight.

While he’s still a little wet behind the ears, and some believe Schaub to be overrated and not much of a major contender in the Heavyweight category, a fight with Lesnar could change all that. Let’s be real, one good shot on Lesnar’s chin is all it takes to put him cross-eyed on the mat. However, he comes out like a madman, and just in size alone he is quite intimidating, so it could be a pretty even match up. If Schaub WERE to win that fight, an early retirement might be in order just so he could say, “My last fight was putting Brock Lesnar down like one of Michael Vick’s dogs!”

Again, Mr. White…may I call you Dana….anything!!!!