Seven Seconds! Jung takes out Hominick!

We now know how long it takes a Korean Zombie to dismantle a Machine: seven seconds.

That’s how long it took Chan Sung Jung on Saturday night to knock-out Mark Hominick at UFC 140.

What was predicted by many to be a three-round, all-out war ended up a record-tying* knock-out. Mark Hominick, not known to swing wildly, decided that he would take the opportunity after tapping gloves to surprise Jung with a wild power-shot. Bad decision. Not only does it make you look like an ass for attacking so quickly (I don’t care what the ref says about “defending yourself at all times” this is poor sportsmanship. These are professional fighters in a regulated bout, not drunken brawlers in a bar-fight), but it also provided an opening for Chung, which proved devastating.

After Hominick whiffed on his opening gambit, Chung struck, quickly knocking the Machine down and then pounced, ending the match in six seconds (one more clicked off after the ref began waving his hands).

Hominick has had a good, long career in MMA and his strategy did not serve him well. The UFC is more popular than ever, and there were no doubt many new fans seeing him flop as their initial viewing of one of his fights. He’d better hope that Zuffa has a good memory, and is more concerned with putting on good fights than pleasing their new partners at Fox, who undoubtedly watched the match last night and were not impressed.

For Chan Sung Jung, this was a great defeat against a solid opponent. Coming off of his amazing “twister” submission of Leonard Garcia at the UFC Fight Night in March, which won him “Submission of the Year” at the UFC awards this past month, he’s now got some momentum, and will allow him to keep moving up in the 145 lb division or possibly move down to 135 and face top competition there.

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*Duane “Bang” Ludwig should have the official UFC knock-out record at four seconds with his knock-out of Jonathan Goulet at UFC Fight Night 3 on January 16, 2006 in Las Vegas, but the ref didn’t signal the timekeeper immediately, and the UFC has never taken action to correct this. Visit his facebook page and lend your support to getting this officially recognized. As it stands, Jung shares the official record with Todd Duffee, who knocked out Tim Hague at UFC 102 in 2009.