SFL’s Friday Fight Nights

The SFL is starting up Friday Fight Nights, not a bad idea for India. It made Boxing huge in the states at one point. The more fights these homegrown fighters get the better. So far the local competition in the SFL has been sub par. What they need most is experience, more fights means better fighters. Can’t wait to see which fighters make the leap to the next level because of the SFL. Don’t sleep, India is gonna produce some serious contenders in the next few years.

From SFL’s youtube Channel:

Super Fight League (SFL) is proud to announce the launch of Friday Night Fight Nights starting October 12th 2012. Fights will be taking place every week live from a specially designed arena in Mumbai in front of an exclusive invitation only audience. Programming will last for three hours each week with weigh-ins, live fights and interviews from Bollywood cage side guests. Fans round the world can catch all the action live on the dedicated SFL channel at www.youtube.com/SFL and NeoSports Broadcast Pvt.Ltd sports channel in India

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