SFL’s very own reality show

Has this started yet? Didn’t Ken Pavia just quit? Isn’t the UFC about to have an event or TUF t here soon? What do all of these questions have in common? We thought we were being pretty clear. Also, Hindi girls are hot.

By the way, the show is on it’s 7th episode of 8. If you are interested.

SFL “Challengers” is a Hindi-language reality television series that follows a group of MMA fighters as they compete with one another in an elimination-style competition.

This unscripted drama follows 16 aspiring MMA fighters (eight male, 8 female) as they live, train and compete with opponents and friends to receive a contract with India’s “Super Fight League.”

The fighters get a chance to earn money through the challenges that are thrown to them and earn respect by winning the fights assigned to them. Every alternate episode has two fights where two fighters, one male and one female, graduate to the next round whereas the other two have to leave the camp.

Along the way, we see what motivates them – the opportunity to give their kids a better life, a shot at fulfilling a family legacy, or the chance to triumph over a tough upbringing.

The show is all about the life, love, hope, dreams and fears of these heroes as they battle it out in a quest to become a champion.

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