I don’t think so, but he IS 35 and he DOES have a back injury.  Florian is the ONLY man to fight in FOUR different weight classes and has fought for the UFC title THREE times.  If his back does heal up, he will be making the move back to LW.  Would you be content being a “gate keeper”?  Not that I think Florian is a “gate keeper” but he IS 0/3 in title fights.

I see nothing wrong for a fighter at Florian’s age, and having accomplished what he has, fighting for the love of it…or even if it’s just for a paycheck.  Chris Lytle said many times toward the end of his career, that he was just looking for exciting fights, and had no aspirations of winning a title.  Look what Lytle gave us, some of the most exciting fights in the WW division.  Between Kenny’s first attempt at a title against Sean Sherk and his second attempt against BJ Penn, Florian was wrecking the rest of the LW division, and did so in exciting fashion.  If he is able to overcome his back injury, I think he should take the Chris Lytle approach, and forget about titles and legacies…Get rid of all the pressure, throw caution to the wind and fight for the love of the sport.

Florian will be calling this week’s UFC ON FX headlined by Melvin Guillard vs Jim Miller with Jon Anik.  He also worked on MMA Live on ESPN with Anik and has filled in for Joe Rogan before…My point, Florian doesn’t NEED to fight, especially since he now has a regular weekly gig as co-host of UFC Tonight.  Florian also owns a very successful MMA/BJJ school, he doesn’t need the Octagon.  I know a lot of people rag on Florian for never winning a title and bouncing around weight classes, but I think what he’s accomplished is remarkable.  A guy who once fought in the MW division just fought for the FW title, I admire his dedication to fighting.  We just witnessed someone move up in weight and STILL miss weight, so Kenny Florian should be admired.  I don’t think most people realize that in order for Florian to make it down to FW he had to COMPLETELY change his life, that’s dedication to your craft.  What do you guys think?  Retire or keep fighting?