Shut the F23K up already!

Seriously, Shut your pretty lil’ mouth, NOW.

Are we that petty as a fan-base that we begin searching for any and every little perceived wrong to attack Jon Jones with?

Yet Frank Mir is heralded as a future legend at the expense of Big Nog’s arm and possibly career? Shinya Aoki can do no wrong, despite the volume of opponents he has injured in his bouts, Paul Daley consistently misses weight, yet despite having punched an opponent well after the end of the 3rd round (and the fight for that matter), has many fans clamoring for him to be back in the UFC. Many of our favorite fighters regularly make homophobic, racist and generally tasteless statements to the media or through social networking platforms, regularly. They all get a pass? But not Jon Jones, ohh no not him.

Why is this spiritual, intelligent, talented  young man, repeat Y O U N G, Champion subjected to so much hate and microscopic dissection of his actions? Can anyone give me a good reason. I said ‘A GOOD REASON’. Not this ole’ he’s this or that nonsense. A good reason.

Of course everyone will point to him dropping a completely out Lyoto Machida when the ref, Big John McCarthy told him to let go. He chose not to hold the mans dead weight up until the doctors or the ref lifted his lifeless body off of him. So? With the adrenaline going, I woulda dropped Machida too. Not to mention, it’s a pretty bold statement to the Light Heavy Weight Division as a whole. No harm no foul. Many, I repeat, Many fighters have done the same thing. Many fighters take that ‘last’ punch unnecessarily too. You rarely hear an outcry. If ever. Or maybe you will bring up his recent ‘pep talk’ by the MMA Guru himself, Mr. Greg Jackson. So Greg Jackson reminded an elated, excited, just finished the toughest fight of his career Champion, ‘To check on Machida and get some fans.’ How many other fighters forget to thank sponsors, put on their sponsored hats and shirts? How many curse on live TV? How many forget to call out their next opponent? How many actually go and check on their downed opponent? I distinctly remember Frank Mir going no where near a downed Big Nog after breaking his arm. I also don’t remember Lil’ Nog checking on Tito Ortiz after possibly breaking his ribs. Do you think Machida, Big Nog or Tito Ortiz cares? Do you think they feel slighted by their opponents inactions? I would say no. Any other reasons you care to argue for?

I read one media outlet thinking it is possibly because he is black…I think not. Rampage is black (in case you were unaware) yet, despite his previous actions possibly resulting in the miscarriage of an upperclass white woman’s baby during his Road Rage incident a few years back, he is not subjected to any of the scrutiny heaped upon Jon Jones. Don’t tell me that many racists don’t point to that incident as a reason to hate black athletes either. Despite that, I doubt race is the reason behind it, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there is a fair amount of hate due to Jon’s race, yet it can’t be anymore than the hundreds of other non white fighters on the UFC  roster incur. So why is he singled out?

The most common argument I hear is that Jon Jones is cocky, entitled, an ego maniac. No SH!T. He’s a professional fighter at the top of the UFC LHW game. He is facing the best LHW’s in the world on a regular basis. You have to be cocky (as are many of the top fighters, ie Rampage, Rashad, Brock, Overeem, Anderson. Anyone remember on Huntington Beach Bad Boy? The list goes on). You have to have an ego to compete at that level. Sure, the man talks about himself regularly, so did Muhammed Ali, George Foreman and Smokin Joe Frasier for that matter, so what. They where also the best. THE BEST! Jon Jones is the best, he has earned that right. Let the man enjoy his success, let the man put his body on the line for our enjoyment, let the man grow into the champ we all want him to be. Meanwhile, all of you need to SHUT YOUR F23KING MOUTHS!

That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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