Some people have balls

Carlos Condit, or his camp contacted Cesar Gracie (according to his tweets that is) to train with his Black Belts for his upcoming fight with GSP. That takes balls, big flaming balls! I will say, you gotta take what any manager/promoter/coach says with a grain of salt. I’ve yet to see confirmation, but I’m gonna say it probably is true. Condit (or his Camp) know that Gracie’s team doesn’t like GSP too much, so it’s fair to think they might be willing to help him beat GSP and then rematch with Nick. Either way, it’s a ballsy move by Condit (or his team) and I’m amazed by it.

It appears some fans are amazed by it too, check out the first response Cesar got after posting this little tidbit of info.

That’s IT!
Anthony Dominguez
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