Ok, so apparently I am supposed to have sympathy for Dave Herman and his family.

I saw the video of his arrest. Dave Herman is 6’5 245lbs. He and his wife are lucky he didn’t get treated like a person of color. Instead they used non lethal force and took him in. This is not a travesty.

The officer told you to stop the car, turn around and face the vehicle. Instead your 6’5 245lbs frame gets out of the vehicle after a 2-3 mile chase spouting your knowledge of the law walking towards the officers. The officer has no idea what you are on, who you are, where you are coming from or who else is in your vehicle or if you have a weapon. The officer is looking to get back to his family intact. The 3 forms of ID question makes no sense in that situation. If a woman was being attacked and police show up while this is going on and the attacker says, “I need to see 3 forms of  ID before I stop attacking.” How stupid is this?

Lew Polley