Some UFC Conference Call highlights

Dana White had a bit to say today on the conference call for UFC 133. As you would expect the, events leading up to the Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz bout dominated the call. White did say Evans get’sa title shot if he wins.

Dana on why Tito took the fight and other thoughts:

“I didn’t give a shit why he took it, I was just glad he did” wanted to hang up before he changed mind again.
“I wish I had this Tito Ortiz 7 years ago. He used to step over dollars to pick up dimes”
“if Tito beats Rashad, it would definitely put Tito in the mix” – if not the #1 contender after that, definitely top 3

Dana says Tito did not ask for any more money
I couldn’t be more surprised by this!

Dana: Leben and Sonnen offered to take the fight

“Both those nuts texted me, I told them they weigh 185 pounds, thanks for texting”

That doesn’t surprise me in the least bit, both of those guys love to fight, and collect paychecks. I woulda watched either one of those match ups.

Dana on Machida:

“I still haven’t heard from Machida or his camp. That leads me to believe Lyoto knew and he agreed he should get AS money.”

Dana on Lyoto’s negotiations – won’t be held against him in the future –

“People lose their minds sometimes”

I highly doubt that!

Then Machida’s people wanted more money – he was originally excited and had been “terrorizing” Dana for a fight.


Dana on Phil Davis:

“Davis is just gonna rehab and rest. He won’t be out too long.”

Dana on Strikeforce LHW’s:

“I never considered grabbing anyone from Strikeforce. “Who could I pull from there that could fight Rashad anyway?”

Some true feelings come to the surface maybe?

When Dana wanted to run replacements through him, Evans said:

‘I don’t care who it is. You get whoever, I’ll fight them.’

Evans Finally steps up.


That’s it!
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