Spar Star Amatuer MMA at Hollywood Park Casino

SPARSTAR SATURDAY NIGHT FIGHTSIt was another beautiful Southern California day (do I still need to say that?) as Spar Star brought amateur MMA bouts to the Hollywood Park Casino’s roof. The sun was setting as the action played out in the cage…

Fight One: Adil Mustafabekov vs Abel Gervacio Jr., Bantamweights
Blue gets the early takedown, right into side control, works to get Red against the cage, gets the mount but Red works back into guard. Red is doing a good job preventing Blue from posturing up but Blue still landing some punches.
Round Two: They trade and Red starts to land a flurry of punches, forcing Blue to shoot for a double-leg takedown, which he gets. Pushing Red against hte cage, Blue jumps up and back down, landing fists on the way down. Struggling in the guard, Red gets a head lock but Blue fights out of it and lands a few punches before the round ends.
Round Three: Blue lands a right and when Red counters, Blue shoots and gets a single-leg. Red is working to get back up but Blue is heavy on him. They work and with ten seconds left in the round, Blue postures up and lands fists from top position. This continues until the round ends.
Winner: Abel Gervacio Jr., Unanimous Decision

Fight Two: Grant Gorsegner vs. Charles Rizzo, Lightweights
Round One: These guys are quick and active in the stand-up, moving and striking and countering. Both are active and accurate, with Red controlling the center of the cage and Blue moving along the outside. When Blue lands a good strike on Red, Red shoots in but Blue turns him and gets him down against the cage. They battle for position as the round ends with Blue still on top.
Round Two: The fast pace continues and they work their way around the cage, with Red landing slightly more strikes but Blue landing the harder ones. Both men work their punching and kicking game, with Blue getting the best of the exchanges. About a minute and a half into the round, Rizzo lands a right that drops Gorsegner, and he pounces to finish the fight.
Winner: Charles Rizzo, TKO (strikes)

Fight Three: Mario Martinz vs. Raymond Tiscareno, Welterweights
Round One: Blue is a more nimble but Red is throwing power, and lands a few solid punches before taking Blue down. After a very brief ground and pound, Blue creates a scramble and gets on top. Blue is landing from top, and there’s a pause in the action as Red knees him in the groin, forcing the ref to warn him. They start standing again and Red takes blue down, but is only able to land a few punches before the round ends.
Round Two: Blue is looking to kick, and Red waves him in. After landing a couple of leg kicks, Red charges Blue and it is only a momentary struggle before Red send Blue to the mat. Working from top, Red gets mount and Blue attempts to turn over and hip escape, which fails, and Red works for a rear-naked choke, trying to flatting Blue out. The round ends this way.
Round Three: Red is tired, and Blue comes out shot from a canon, lands a kick o the midsection and a flurry of punches and Red attempts to tackle him but Blue spins Red around and lands on top, Red scrambles, but isn’t able to get up until Blue lands a few good shots from the top. They stand, but it is only a moment until Red grabs ahold of Blue and works a double-leg, getting Blue to the ground. Red gains top position, Blue reverses and Red gets it back. The round ends with Red on top. Red is exhausted.
Winner: Mario Martinez, Unanimous Decision (in a razor thin decision that one judge scores 28.5-28)

Fight Four: Chris Carradus vs. Brian Hernandez, Lightweights
Round One: Red takes control from the start, getting Blue against the cage and taking him down. Blue manages to get back up and they stand.  Red moves in again, clinching Blue against the cage and taking him down. Blue forces a scramble, get up and Blue attempts to throw Red but Red’s strength forces Blue face-first to the mat. Blue tries for a Kimora, but Red escapes and ends the round on top.
Round Two: Red again puts Blue against the cage and takes him down, landing ground and pound while Blue works to escape or tie Red up. Blue almost catches Red in an arm bar, but Red escapes and makes Blue pay with some hammer fists and punches. The round ends.
Round Three: Red takes control from the start, and moves forward, landing the occastional punch and kick, but Blue answers with a headkick which, while not very  powerful, caused the audience to erupt in cheers. Red landed a spinning back kick, sending Blue to the cage, but Blue came right back and they traded. Red shot in but Blue held him off and when Red attempted a kick and slipped, Blue jumped on him and landed fists as the round ended.
Winner: Chris Carradus, Unanimous Decision

Fight Five: Eric Castodio vs. Jesus Curioso, Featherweights
Round One: Blue is timing Red well, catching him coming in with left hook counters. Red lands and Blue returns. A pretty even round. At the ten second mark, Red shoots in but is unable to get the takedown, ending the round clinching Blue against the cage.
Round Two: Blue is getting more comfortable and Red shoots in and gets the takedown, landing powerful punches to Blue’s rib cage. Red is in half guard, works to mount but is reversed by Blue. They stand and trade. Red coming forward but Blue rushes ahead throwing punches. Red lands a good push kick. They box as the horn sounds, ending the round.
Round Three: Most likely at one round each, this round is critical. Red comes out aggressively and takes control of the cage. Blue shoots in and Red catches him in a guillotine, which he uses to bring Blue down and get mount. Landing punches from top position, Red controls Blue from the top and finishes the round this way.
Winner: Eric Castodio, Unanimous Decision

Fight Six: Rick Rojo vs. Galoriel Rodriguez, Flyweights
Round One: Rodriguez jumps in on Rojo and spins him to the mat with a single-leg, but Rojo ends up on top. They are tied up, and working for position when Rodriguez slaps an arm bar on Rojo and gets the submission, 36 seconds into the round.
Winner: Gabriel Rodriguez, Submission (arm bar)

Fight Seven: Jonell Kimbrough vs. Fo Dominguez, Lightweights
Round One: It doesn’t take long for Dominguez to shoot in and they clinch and dirty box as they make their way across the cage. Dominguez eventually gets the takedown, but is unable to do much with it and Kimbrough gets back up. They separate and kickbox for a moment until Dominguez gets Kimbrough to the cage and shoots in for a takedown. After a brief scamble , Dominguez almost manages to take Kimbrough’s back but Kimbrough gets up and lands a few solid punches before the horn sounds, ending the round.
Round Two: They come out and clinch immediately, with Kimbrough getting Dominguez against the cage. Dominguez reverses, and successfully gets Kimbrough down, into half guard. Dominguez controls Kimbrough and lands punches for a good minute until the round ends.
Round Three: Kimbrough comes out taking control, but after a solid punch lands, Dominguez shoots in and works him down. Again in half guard, Dominguez works to get side control while remaining heavy on Kimbrough and landing occasional punches to Kimbrough’s head and body. An elbow from Dominguez (prohibited in amateur MMA) costs a point and a pause in the action, and when they resumed, Kimbrough lands a solid kick to Dominguez’s side and a strong straight right knocked Dominguez down. Kimbrough pounces and the ref moves to save Dominguez.
Winner: Jonell Kimbrough, TKO

Fight Eight: Adam Strauss vs. Kevin Yip, Featherweights
Round One: Both fighters start early, with Strauss pushing the action and Yip countering effectively. At one point, Yip had Strauss’ timing coming in, which forced Strauss to shoot and take Yip down. From top position, Strauss landed a few good shots but Yip showed good control from the bottom. Strauss stood and backed away, allowing Yip to stand. Strauss moved forward, landing strikes and dropped Yip. Strauss landed solid ground and pound from the top and with seconds left in the round, the ref stepped in to save Yip, ending the fight.
Winner: Adam Strauss, TKO (strikes)

Fight Nine: Chris Rodriquez vs. Michael Salcido, Middleweights
Round One: Salcido shoots in immediately, Rodriguez going for a standing guillotine. Salcido picks Rodriguez up and slams him to the mat! Salcido on top in side control starts landing fists but Rodriguez works into an arm bar. Rodriguez loses the arm bar and Salcido makes him pay, taking his back when he stands up and landing punches to his face. The round ends as Blue slams Red once more.
Round Two: Salcido shoots in right away and takes Rodriguez down. They crash into a corner of the cage. Salcido works Rodriguez up against the cage with punches and the ref jumps in to save him.
Winner: Michael Salcido, TKO (strikes)

Fight Ten: Andre Williams vs. Jonathan Dutra, Light Heavyweights
Round One: Williams has the reach advantage and knows how to use it, keeping Dutra at bay and landing jabs and leg kicks… nothing too powerful, until he gets Dura against the cage, then Williams lands a front kick to the face and a strong straight right, sending Dutra to the mat. One hammer fist later, the ref jumps in.
Winner: Andre Williams, TKO (strikes)

Fight Eleven: Marcel Cyprian vs. Tanner Chapman, Lightweights
Spar Star Lightweight Title Fight
Round One: The action is fast as they work their way around the cage, trading fairly evenly, until Cyprian lands a low blow sending Chapman to the mat. After a brief pause (they always seem too short to me… I’d take the full five minutes…) they resume and are very active. Cyprian catches a kick and sends Chapman to the ground. Chapman grabs Cyprian’s ankles and sends him to his back. They roll and Cyprian gets top position when Chapman gets him in an arm bar attempt. Cyprian gets out and they stand. They trade but neither seems to be doing much damage. The round ends.
Round Two: Chapman shoots in, grabbing Cyprian and spinning him, getting his back standing. They spin again as they go to the mat, but Cyprian can’t shake Chapman off. Cyprian gets to his feet, but Chapman takes him back down, attempting a rear naked choke. Flattening Cyprian out, Chapman lets the choke go and starts raining fists onto Cyprian. The ref moves in but Cyprian moves back, stopping the barrage and saving him from being stopped. Chapman re-asserts his top position and the round ends with Chapman punching Cyprian.
Round Three: Chapman shoots in for a single-leg, and after Cyprian displaying good balance, turns it into a double-leg and they go to the ground. In the scramble, Cyprian ends up on top and lands some strikes before Chapman scrambles and Cyprian ends up on top again. Cyprian gets top mount, and works to control and strike Chapman. Chapman gets Cyprian in side control, but Cyprian gets mount again before the round ends.
Winner: Um.. well…. this was a very close fight… so… they’re both winners. Sorta.
Draw. Seriously. Their championship bout was a draw.

Spar Star brought the action to Hollywood Park Casino. The crowd was loud. It was the perfect environment to see fighters beginning their careers in the heat of battle. Keep an eye on Spar Star, they’ve got the event down, and you will be hearing more about them soon. If you’re not in the LA area, support MMA in your area!