SPARSTAR FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTSBeautiful downtown Inglewood is home to the Hollywood Park Casino and Race track. On some Fridays, SparStar Promotions puts on Friday Night Fights, and all CAMO fight night featuring a solid card of ammy fighters. This Friday was our first event, it delivered. See the recap below and the Pics here.

Carlos Ramirez vs. Julian Capucetti

The first fight of the night got things started with a grueling 3 round match. Carlos lost a point early for an illegal knee, but it was a foregone conclusion by then anyways.

Julian Capucetti def. Carlos Ramirez by Decision.

Jeremy Osborn vs. Edison Simpson

Jeremy started the round fast with a quick takedown and ended the round with a flurry. The 2nd started much like the first, Jeremy with a quick takedown, transition, some solid GnP, finishing with a RNC.

Jeremy Osborn def. Edison Sempron by RNC Rd. 2

Fo Dominguez vs. Daniel Cortez

Fo dominated the 1st round with good GnP. Fo opened the 2nd round with a great slam takedown, Daniel Cortez seemed to be gassing out already, Fo with great pressure. The 3rd was all Fo, throwing good jabs and showcasing the sharper striking of the two. This could be called a ‘manhandling’.

Fo Dominguez def. Daniel Cortez by Unanimous Decision

Tanner Chapman vs. Michael Pollinger

Michael Pollinger opened the round with a big takedown, Tanner with an arm in Triangle to finish the round, Pollinger didn’t look to be in danger. Round 2 saw Pollinger land a solid right hook, Chapman shoots for a takedown, Pollinger keeps his composure and keeps control on the ground. Despite the action, the Ref stood them up 3 times (we disagreed) giving Chapman the advantage. The 3rd was capped by a Guillotine by Chapman that we felt was too little to late, we were wrong. The judges gave the fight to Chapman (we disagreed with this decision). Besides not getting the victory we feel he deserved, Pollinger left with a broken hand.

Tanner Chapman def. Michael pollinger by Split Decision.

Sean Crenshaw vs. Matt Jones

Jones started the round with a Big, and we mean BIG slam. Round 1 was all Jones, with a strong side choke and landing some big shots at the end. Round 2 Jones took Crenshaw down, but Crenshaw reversed beautifully, but it wasn’t enough to slow Jones down. Round 3 was the same, Jones with the takedown and controlling the action, Crenshaw never gave up and finished with some strong knees.

Matt Jones def. Sean Crenshaw by Unanimous Decision

Andrew Secaida vs. Jaron Cheung

Jaron Cheung came to win, slapping in the armbar in the 1st.

Jaron Cheung def. Andrew Secaida by Armbar @ 1:43 of 1st round.

Antonio Vazquez vs. Christopher Figueroa

Round one saw Antonio stay on top the entire round. Round 2 was a back and forth on the feet, on the ground, everywhere. Christopher slapped in a good Triangle attempt, while Vazquez attempted an armbar, both were close. Round 3 saw Vazquez takedown Figueroa in the opening minute and keep top position till the bell.

Antonio Vazquez def. Christopher Figueroa by Unanimous Decision

Chris Carradus vs. Eric Obezo

The 1st saw some good knees landed by both fighters, at this point of the night, the mat was becoming slick and both fighters were slipping pretty badly, yet that didn’t seem to give either side an advantage. The round closed with Bound by Blood fighter Chris Carradus on top.Round 2 opened with Obezo landing a big right, stifling Chris’s reach advantage, Obezo landed  the heavier shots this round, so far, 1 to 1 on our cards. The 3rd was a back and forth with Obezo landing the harder shots, using his jab very well, while Carradus was landing a volume of shots throughout the round.

Chris Carradus def. Eric Obezo by Split Decision

Teddy Akalu vs. Thomas Landeros

Landeros opens with heavy leg kicks, but Akalu comes back with a big flurry of punches, backing Landeros up. Took a beer break so we missed the 2nd round. The 3rd opened with Akalu taking Landeros down, leading to a Triangle attempt by Landeros and a reversal, where Landeros landed punches in bunches until the Ref called the fight.

Thomas Landeros def. Teddy Akalu by TKO @ 1:41 of the 3rd.

John Brashears II vs. Owen Evans

Evans dominated the entire 1st round with huge slam after slam and dominate top control Round 2 saw Evans takedown Brashears and control till the bell. Round 3 was much of the same, not a surprise decision here. Good fight overall.

Owen Evans def. John Brashears II by Unanimous Decision

Kurtiss Nielsen vs. Joey Bartolone

Bound by Blood fighter Kurtiss Nielsen opened the round with strong punches, eventually knocking the mouth piece out of Bartolone’s mouth. Round 1 was all Nielsen. Round 2 saw a solid back and forth with both fighters landing solid punches but neither taking control. The 3rd was more of the 2nd, we could have seen it going either direction on the judges cards.

Joey Bartolone def. Kurtiss Nielsen by Split Decision

Melana Smith vs. Kathy Solorzano

Kathy Solorzano is a tazmanian devil. She swarmed Melana Smith from the opening bell, landing punches, getting the takedown, using heavy GnP to set up the eventual RNC to win the bout quickly and violently. It was a thing of beauty.

Kathy Solorzano def. Melana Smith by RNC @ 1:27 of the 1st

Marco Bisani vs. Michael Yano

Yano opened up with great leg kicks, keeping Bisani at distance. Bisani was quick to get the takedown and avoid those damaging kicks. Round 2 Bisani came out and looked gassed, his legs visibly damaged, while Yano looked fresher and looked to take advantage. Bisaniclipped Yano hard, rocking him, then went for the takedown. Finishing the round strong. The 3rd round was a back and forth with Bisani setting the pace and keeping Yano off balance, Yano finished the round on top. Bisani was ahead on our cards, but his shin was opened up bad, grand canyon bad.

Marco Bisani def. Michael Yano by Decision

Tony Ghattas vs. Christian Gonzalez

The main event started fast with a big slam By Ghattas and an attempted knee bar by Gonzalez. This fight was exciting from bell to bell. Ghattas controlled the round from top position, landing some punches and tiring Gonzalez out. Round 2 Ghattas looked tired, Gonzalez took advantage with a takedown, yet Ghattas was able to keep from taking too much damage. Round 3 and Gonzalez looks gassed and Ghattas looks refreshed. Ghattas picks up Gonzalez and lands a huge slam, Gonzalez tries an armbar, it’s close, but Ghattas escapes, the round comes to a close with Ghattas on top swinging. This fight was worth the wait, both fighters gave it their all, with Ghattas being the better fighter this night.

Tony Ghattas def. Christian Gonzalez by Decision to become the new Champion