Spike takin’ it to Fox: MMA Fans Win!

The UFC on Fox deal is great for MMA fans. It’s great because it raises the profile of the sport, brings in new fans and provides all of those fans with more MMA to watch. Much more, it turns out.

Spike TV continues to have rights to UFC programming, and as long as it does, it is doing what it can to hold onto MMA viewers. During UFC on Fox events, it counter-programs UFC Unleashed episodes featuring the same fighters that are fighting on the Fox events. And when The Ultimate Fighter: Live airs, Spike announced it will be showing episodes from the previous fourteen seasons.

This bounty of MMA on TV is quite the boon for the new fan, who most likely hasn’t seen the previous seasons of TUF. Sure, tactics like this create market confusion and there’s a chance that someone will tune into Spike by mistake or habit, only to realize later that they’ve been watching the wrong thing. But, really, how often is that going to happen?

In this age of DVRs, new fans are more likely to record both the Fox shows and what Spike airs. What’s great is that this programming by Spike will serve to provide an introduction to many of the current UFC fighters, as well as the MMA fighters that have been dropped by the UFC and are now fighting in other promotions. There’s no way this can’t be positive for everyone in MMA.

If we weren’t so close to Lensar v Overeem, I would end by saying I can’t wait for the new seasons to begin!