“Spygate has come to the UFC”–front page

All levels of football from the pee wee leagues to the big boys spend endless hours watching film of other teams to perfect their game against them; baseball puts people in the stands strictly to report the hand signs; and surfers pipe in the “Jaws” theme to their opponent’s hotel rooms the night before competition. (OK, not really, but you see where I’m going with this…)

So, why is Rampage all over the front pages as if someone broke into Area 51 and stole the alien? He’s accusing Jon Jones and his manager Malki Kawa of setting up a spy in his gym via a messenger from a fan on Twitter? Wow! Really? Then he comes up with a fake injury to discuss in his gym (during the fights in Brazil last weekend), and within hours, Joe Silva, is calling to inquire about the non-existent hand injury. Kawa, of course, denies any such involvement in the spy game. My question: How did this “fan” learn of such things to let Rampage know of a spy? Hmmmm…..

Either way, it’s part of the game to find out what the other side is doing. One side tries to hide the weaknesses while the other side attempts to exploit them. It’s happened in every sport, company, and relationship since the dawn of time. It’s called the “upper hand” for a reason. After all, without all the politics and drama of it all, would it be so exciting? Nothing really new about this “news!”