Steven Seagal talking nonsense again

Steven Seagal is a badass, that’s not hyperbole. He really is, youtube his training videos from his old gym in LA, or read about his training in Japan and how he had his ass kicked daily for being Gaijin, he stuck it out and is now a Master in Aikido. That doesn’t happen if you aren’t legit. Steven Seagal is legit. He is skilled, he is dangerous and he is certifiably ‘batshit crazy’. Don’t confuse his arrogance with a lack of skills. Sure, Judo Gene choked him out and he sh!t his pants, that happens. I guarantee you if they had sparred or even fought for real, Judo Gene wouldn’t be talking about the incident, if he won or lost, because it would have been a real fight that tested both men. I’m not saying Seagal is the god of Aikido or martial arts, I’m just giving the man his due for the art he’s a master in. You don’t reach 8th degree black belt in any martial art unless you are diligent and skilled. Granted there is some debate about what level he actually holds, it’s Black Belt for sure, just what stripe of Black Belt is debated. Regardless, he’s a Black Belt under a certified Grand Master from Japan. That’s real. Just like a Renzo Gracie Black Belt, it carries weight, more weight than say a John Smith trained Black Belt.

Seagal talks about how he has taught Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, he makes it sound like he showed them some hidden art they never knew about. That’s total bull. What I guarantee you he did, was show them how their skill set could be improved by utilizing some aspects of Aikido and it’s movements. What I’m saying here is, don’t hate on Seagal cause you think he’s just some Hollywood actor who doesn’t know real martial arts, hate on him because he’s arrogant and batshit crazy, or like me, don’t hate at all. Enjoy the humor he offers to the sport we all love and know that if push came to shove, Seagal could legitimately kick most of our asses.

Watch him in all his glory and smile a knowing smile.

That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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