Stewing Over “Draws”

It’s late, I’m on beer #20 after a long night of fighting (on TV and in my house), and I’m still pissed off about the Camozzi vs. Villasenor fight I watched on Friday!!(Shark Fights 15) Judges called it a DRAW?! Really?! This isn’t Little League Soccer where the kids are going to get their feelings hurt if they don’t make the team…these are big boys in a CAGE pounding the daylights out of each other and 3 people can’t come to a decision on who won?! Check the blood on the mat, or who spent more time trying to figure out where the Hell they were, or (in this fight, in particular) how about the number of take-downs, or who’s throwing a foot out there like he’s kicking a freakin’ daisy, as opposed to how many times he’s taking a shin to his face!!! Come on! It really makes me feel like these guys wasted their time and blood, and I could’ve sparred a fight between a preying mantis and a ladybug and at least got a definite result! “Oh, we tied, isn’t that cute?!” LAME! Off to beer #22.