Strange Choices-Chuck Liddell does commercials

A good friend pointed this out to me recently. Chuck Liddell makes some interesting endorsement deals.

Let’s start with the incredibly named ‘Jack Rack’. Yes, picture that, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Was it durty. I bet it was.

I asked a good friend if she wanted a ‘Jack Rack’, she laughed and said “What the hell is that? It sounds durty, very durty, I don’t think I want that done to me.” After I quit laughing, I told her it was an exercise machine, I don’t think she believed me. Scratch that, I’m positive she didn’t believe me, I see a ‘restraining order’ in my future. Damn you  Jack Rack.

Next, I went around to the neighbors for their opinion. For those of you who do not know, I live in a predominately gay neighborhood (best neighbors anyone could ask for by the way), when I asked a neighbor what he thought a ‘Jack Rack’ was, he blushed and said he thought it was a bar in WestHo. His BF got even redder and said “I think I got one of those in the back of The Abbey one drunken night.”

Needless to say, no one I asked this question to came even remotely close to the actual answer. A Jack Rack is a piece of exercise equipment Chuck Liddell has lent his name and image to for, what I’m guessing, was a large duffel bag of unmarked 100 dollar bills.

For those interested in this particular piece of equipment, check out the commercial below, featuring the one and only Chuck Liddell.

Jack Rack

Quite possibly my favorite ad campaign ever put into existence (besides the ‘Where’s the beef?’ campaign of course) is this beauty by Reebok. Apparently, the execs at Reebok though a shot of Chuck Liddell’s a$$hole was the key to selling millions of some product or another. I can’t even tell you what the ad is for, I just know Chuck and his beautiful girlfriend (wife now?) are naked, working out, presumably at home, while some pervert videotapes them through the window. Sounds amazing already right? I dare you to not rush out and buy something, hell everything Reebok, after witnessing the sheer brilliance of this commercial. I double dog dare you. See the commercial below, don’t worry, all of the ‘special parts’ are blurred out, it is from youtube.

Reebok Ad

That’s it!
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