Strikeforce: Give us Jacare vs. Healy!

Now that this weekend’s Strikeforce event has been canceled, with Melendez pulling out injured, Pat Healy has a hole in his schedule, and since that news didn’t come until a week before the scheduled fight, we can assume that Healy is in fighting shape.

When it was announced that Healy was to fight Melendez for the title, there was no small level of surprise expressed in the MMA world. It was pretty widely thought that Jacare Souza was the number one contender in Strikeforce and after his last victory would get the title shot.

Now that Healy needs an opponent, please allow me to suggest Jacare Souza, a fight to determine the number one contender, with the winner to face Melendez for the belt.

Come on, Strikeforce: let’s settle who’s the real number one contender for your belt!