Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum lackluster results

It’s come and gone. I went 4 for 6 (really 4 out of 5 if you don’t count the Calvalcante/Wilcox mess) on my picks.

A breakdown, I was happy with Masvidal winning, impressed with Noon’s heart, depressed by the eye poke no contest and thrilled by Cormier’s striking as well as Griggs’s destruction of V. Overeem. If as a fighter, you tap due to strikes, you have been summarily served an ass whooping buffet! Barnett delivered on both fronts, a solid defeat over Rogers, and most importantly…he grabbed the MIC and gave us another of his impressive promos. I’m all for Barnett winning just so he can keep cutting promos.

The main event, Like many main events, sucked, let me repeat myself, it S U C K E D! I place the blame squarely on 3 people.

The Ref for not standing up Werdum quickly, or deducting a point for his refusal to stand up after the reset. Werdum for playing the ass, clowning around and not engaging when he clearly had Overeem out matched on his feet. Finally, Overeem for not being prepared, gassing out and not trying to finish the fight. There is no way, after that performance, Overeem is considered a top 10 HW. Not even top 15 in my opinion.

The only thing to come out of this event was my desire ot see more of Griggs, Cormier and Barnett and less of Werdum and the Overeem brothers. The Big Foot Silva vs. Overeem matchup looks like compete garbage to me. Like Common says “You spit hot garbage son of Sanford.”

Let’s get back to the Ref, which goes into the same column as judges. We need some stricter guidelines on both fronts. I miss Pride rules, yellow cards and point deductions kept the bouts moving. The judges need to start making examples of fighters, if you grab the fence 2 x’s, point deduction, grab the shorts 2x’s, deduction, milk the clock after a reset, deduction, do any of those things again, and you lose 2 points. See how many fighters clean up their game quick! If you take the previous sentences and replace deduction with ‘yellow card- lose 10% of your fight purse each time’ and see how quickly fighters change their game plans, of course there will be several fighters who would go broke under Pride Rules. Some fighters are just to dirty to change. More on that later.

That’s IT!
Anthony Dominguez