Sudden Death? Sudden Death. My dreams are answered

Sudden death! Yeah, I said it, Sudden MotherF23Kin Death right in your face, think Five Finger Death Punch in an MMA cage. That about sums it up for me. Well, some of you may need some more info to clarify things. It looks like the Ellenberger/Sanchez fight sparked some serious changes in future events and how they play out, round wise that is. As you may remember, all main event bouts will be 5 rounds from now forward (once the contracted bouts finish up of course, so expect 1-2 more cards with no 5 rounders, then BAM! 5 rounders all day) well, DFW and Co took it a step further, anticipating some close fights in the Flyweight Tournament, they’ve implemented Sudden Death as an option. Unfortunately (fortunately?) it’s not like the Sudden Death in Tekken or Mortal Combat, it’s more like NFL or the NHL, if in the event the fight ends in a draw after 3 rounds, there will be a 4th ‘Sudden Death’ elimination round. I like it, you should too. All I need is for Bruce Buffer to start the Sudden Death Round with ‘Finish Him!’ There I said it. Now here’s D. Johnson, Mr. Mighty Mouse himself to explain what he knows.

In a recent interview with TapouT Radio, Mighty Mouse spoke about this new addition to the tournament.

“I don’t know if anybody has said anything about it, and this is the first time I’m mentioning it, is that we (McCall and himself) had to sign for a ‘sudden death’ bout. If it goes to three rounds, and the judges can’t decide who the winner is, then we’ll do a fourth round.”

That’s It!
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