Super Fight League 2: Todd Duffee vs. Neil Grove

Super Fight Legue 2 will stream on Saturday April 7th at 9:15 am ET/ 6:15 am PT at I woke up early to watch the fiasco that was Super Fight League 1. If Neil Grove (one of our favorite fighters and Jimmy Hankins top 10 fighters) wasn’t on the card, I doubt I’d be watching this either. Sure Shlemenko and Minowa sounds interesting as does Paul Kelly vs. Ryan Healy but the rest don’t interest me as much. The level of talent on the undercard is not up to my usual standards, not yet at least. Still, I’m gonna give some predictions. My completely uneducated picks are in green. Enjoy.

Official fight card

  • Lightweight bout: EnglandPaul Kelly vs. United StatesRyan Healy
    Ryan Healy. Go USA. 
  • Featherweight bout: IndiaChaitanya Gavali vs. France Pierre Daguzan
    Chaitanya Gavali, that name just rolls off the tongue. 
  • Featherweight bout: IndiaBharat Khandare vs. Côte d'IvoireSoro Ismael
    Bharat Khandare. Doesn’t that name sound like some really expensive, extremely rare gem or precious metal?
  • Middleweight bout: RussiaAlexander Shlemenko vs. JapanIkuhisa Minowa
    This is an interesting matchup, Shlemenko is a very good striker, excellent with the spinning back fist and has solid takedown defense. Minowa is a talented grappler with a ton of experience, most of that against much larger opponents (think HW’s and Super HW’s). It’s a classic style vs style matchup. If Minowa gets it to the groun, it’s his, if Shlemenko keeps it standing, the advantage is his. I think Minowa will eat some punches to get the takedown and the eventual win by submission. Minowa by sub in the first.
  • Featherweight bout: IndiaAnup Kumar vs. Sri Lanka Dilanga Rathnaweera
    Anup Kumar, always bet on a Kumar.
  • Welterweight bout: IndiaRicky Singh vs. Sri LankaSalika Senanayake
    Salika Senanayke because it rhymes with saki.  
  • Female bout:  United States Colleen Schneider vs. England Cherie Buck
    Cherie Buck. I once got a lapdance by a stripper with this exact name. How awesome is that?
  • Heavyweight bout: United StatesTodd Duffee vs. South AfricaNeil Grove
    Todd Duffee is a talented fighter when he puts his mind to it. Neil Grove is a veteran with a solid skillset and a great attitude, it’s a tough bout to call for so many reasons. Grove has the experience, Duffee the youth, Grove is well rounded, Duffee has dynamite in his hands, Grove is tough as nails, Duffee is known to take damage to land a shot, and on and on. It’s a tough, tough call. I think the advantage goes to Neil Grove due to his experience and slightly better skillset. Neil Grove by tough fought decision.

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